Roanne Gibbons is Waceya Métis Society's appointed Womens Representative, the community contact to the Métis Women of British Columbia (MWBC). The MWBC is committed to promoting opportunities for Métis women to share their skills and accomplishments and to achieve their full potential. The MWBC will advocate on behalf of all Métis women and support them in maintaining their pride in who they are, in retaining the culture, language and traditions of the Métis people, in nurturing healthy families and communities through sustaining a healthy lifestyle, in respecting the diversity and uniqueness of all Métis people, in honouring our Elders and valuing their knowledge and in managing and preserving our natural resources for future generations.. Several useful resources have been listed below for women in our community. Upcoming community gatherings may be found on the calendar page which shows all upcoming events.

"The Waceya Métis Society is passionate about empowering local women to reach their full potential"


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