Our Program

At Waceya we offer a jigging program for children aged 5-18. Our program teaches children the basic jig step, listening to the changes in traditional Métis music and contemporary Métis tunes. Come have fun dancing together as a group all in an hour of fun (yes we play games too!).

In each lesson you can expect: sharing of historical cultural knowledge, Métis values, and Michif ( Métis language).

[Photo: Gettin Into Michif Family Fun Fair June 2023. Jig team and beginner classes together.]

What is Jigging?

Métis jigging originated in the Red River area (modern day Winnipeg). It is a combination of First Nations dancing and Scottish and French-Canadian step-dancing. It originated about the 1800s and became part of the Métis celebrations that are still held across Canada today!

Dances that you may learn at a lesson include : The Red River Jig, Sash Dance, Broom Dance, Orange Blossom Special, Drops of Brandy, the Butterfly and more!

Want to Join Us?

If you have a child or teen interested in joining us, please call the office for lesson times and dates.

To Each Lesson Please Bring: bottle of water, soft bottom shoes, or moccasins for easier foot movements!

Events are held throughout the year to showcase beginner and advance dancers!

[Photo: Children of the Fur Trade at Surrey Museum Spring 2023].


“Waceya means a lot to me because now I know others who are Metis, just like me!”Zeke aged 9.

I love jigging and my Métis culture. It’s who I am and Waceya is special to me.” – Sophia age 12.

“Waceya is so welcoming to everyone, there are some families who aren’t Métis and that’s ok, we all learn together and have fun together!” – Parent